Kindly review the below list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding our products or services

1. Question

Are your materials already accredited by the relevant SETA?

Answer: Unfortunately, the SETA ETQA’s requires each Training Provider to submit and apply for their accreditation on their own behalf. Due to the fact that the accreditation/programme approval process also evaluates the provider’s unique ability to offer/present the specific programme, each application and evaluation is unique. Therefore, no organisation or company is able to sell pre-accredited training materials as they will still need to be evaluated once you apply for programme extension or approval with your respective SETA. We do however, haveavailable for some of our Qualifications “proof of successful accreditation” from submissions and previous evaluations of our materials by our clients. We do not require our clients to submit these documents to us and therefore do not have this available for all of our packages.

2. Question 

What happens if the SETA requires changes to be made to the materials which I have submitted / purchased from you?

Answer: In the event that the SETA suggests that changes should be made to the supplied materials, we will enforce/complete such remediation at no further cost to you. This is a 100% free service and guarantee that we offer with each of our packages. If this occurs, kindly send us the official SETA Report to enable us to schedule for and complete the necessary changes to the materials.

3. Question

What licence or copyright agreement applies to the use of the materials? May I re-sell the materials to other companies?

Answer: The materials are sold with single user rights which will enable you to edit/use/implement the materials as much as you would like for your own organisation but not for resale purposes. You are therefore able to print as many copies of the materials as and when you require, make changes and modifications to the materials but you are not allowed to sell the materials to another organisation. Kindly contact us should you require any further clarification on the copyright agreement which applies to the use of our material. 

4. Question 

How long does it take and how will I receive my materials?

Answer: All in-stock materials are normally made available to you in the form of a electronic download link in as little as 24 hours after receiving your cleared payment. This time may vary but normally the process is completed in much less time. Should you require the materials urgently, kindly contact us first to enquire what process / method of payment will ensure that we are able to get the materials to you in the least amount of time. 

5. Question 

What is the material license key and what should I do with this?

Answer: All your training material packages purchased from Training Development Services are licensed with a unique API Material License key which is provided to you upon successful completion of your order. Kindly keep this licence key in a safe place which you will need when requesting revisions/remediations for your materials in the future. You can also access your API Licence key from within your “My Account” tab when logged into our website.

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